Why Sicilian mafia failed?

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Apart from the fact that Sicilian clan was feared to select capable and well reputed gangsters, to which became the root cause for his destruction and for which many a time he accredited his conscience for not reminding him the fact he should not trust too easily everyone that comes his way. One cannot getaway with the idea that whosoever was the entrepreneur of the Cosa Nostra (the other name given to Sicilian mafia), he must have worked hard in taking Italy to the position of the world's sixth largest economy. Never mind if during this, Italy's justice system according to World Bank's 2008 record and as pointed by Pasquali Valentina in Mob Rule: Italy Is Becoming the Failed State of Western Europe, but Do Italians Even Care That the Mafia Is Running the Show?, Foreign Policy (2009) ranked "156 out of 181 countries, even below Iraq and Pakistan". Whatever be the system, Italy is fortunate to have it just above Afghanistan, which itself is a great victory, after all Afghanistan despite having all lavishes of ruling warlords and even after negotiations with the world's super powers (for letting it go the way it wants in order to make ends meet of the hand to mouth class, heroine farming and production is a common example which a poor farmer is bound to do), still lack those nerves that Italy possesses.


The failure of the Sicilian mafia rests with the black market of Italy that flourished and gained significance in the 1990s. While the greed for stealing away the market for maximizing profit made the mafia turn a blind eye to those working gangsters, who despite acquiring all the trustworthiness of Mafiosi betrayed, by creating own small gangs. When the secret activities of the trusted gangsters dawned upon the Mafiosi, it was too late to stop the booming illicit trade of arms and drug trafficking that had been started soon after the gangs entered the covering of mafia to which they performed well under the name of Sicilian mafia.


A multi billion dollar industry is the one that is sponsored by many incumbents as well as state politicians, among which the name of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is on top of the list, who has maintained a record of Italy's longest serving Prime Minister and is the third richest man in Italy with total number of assets worth about $9.0 billion (according to Forbes). In return for votes, political incumbents offer to the clan complete freedom to carry on with their lucrative businesses.


Another reason for why some people believe the Sicilian mafia failed is the prevalence of ‘nationalism'. The awakening of nationalist trend in the Mafiosi served as the centre point in letting others know about their weaknesses. The way, in the beginning when in 1920s, the Sicilian clan started etching long term impressions onto the minds of the lawless deprived ones, presents a clear understanding how much the mafia during those times was concerned establishing not only clientele, but also mutual brotherhood and unity.


Efforts to free the society from gangsters, looters and dacoits is one good thing, but the better is to reckon a society deemed to be free from the menace of poverty and joblessness. The more secure a society is the better shield it presents against all sorts of corruption that stems from unprivileged masses.

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Why Sicilian mafia failed?

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This article was published on 2010/12/29